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Our Volunteer Training Program:

The volunteer training program is built of three phases. Below you will find detailed information regarding each phase of training.

Phase 1 is the material that you will be reading through in a packet sent to you. At the end of phase one, there will be a short quiz that you will need to complete and turn in at phase two. Also, in this packet is your volunteer application and paperwork that will need to be completed and turned in at phase two. 

Below is a list of what you will need to bring to the
phase two training session:

Phase one quiz completed
Volunteer application and paperwork
Driver’s license
Automobile insurance
Auto Registration
Authorization for TB test form
Any questions from phase one material

Phase 2 is a live training session that is approximately 4-hours long. This training is the “guts” of the training program. Phase two is offered once a month in various locations. If you are unable to attend phase two, please let your volunteer coordinator know so arrangements can be made. A registered nurse will be available at this training to perform a required TB skin test. At the end of the phase two session, you will be asked to complete a brief survey telling us what volunteer positions you are interested in. Your phase three training will be determined by how you complete this survey. 

Phase 3 is different for each person depending on what volunteer position(s) they have specified on their survey in phase two.

**If volunteer position includes patient contact, finger printing will be required.